My name is Filip and I'm a Graphic designer.


Logo marks created throughout 2020. and 2021.

One of my poster designs for fictional drag parties held in Belgrade. Promoting queer culture and it's rich history with the aim of attracting everyone's attention through it's bold aesthetic choice.

Fictional posters designed for promoting Belgrade's only high-end strip club.

Fictional packaging project for a made-up brand of cannabis called Splyf. Developed during the first semester at the Faculty of applied arts.

Fictional design for a set of cosmetic products.
Body lotion keeps your body in motion!


My Name is Filip and I
can help you make impactful
graphics or illustrations.

Currently i'm majoring in graphic design at the Faculty of applied arts. I was born in Belgrade at about 5:00AM on September 14th 1997. which means my Sun and Moon signs are both Virgo. That's right, I'm very perfectionist oriented. It's both a gift and a curse. However what that means for you is that I will give my all to make your projects as professional looking as can be, in a reasonable deadline, of course. When I'm not designing or drawing, I'm usually an avid movie watcher and (occasional) yoga enthusiast! Currently i'm open for comissions.

Have any questions
or want to hire me?
Feel free to hit me up!